Ideas Into Action

Strategy Development

Insight. Foresight. Clear Direction.

Effective strategy is a must. Doing it well requires skilled leadership as well as input and buy-in from your key stakeholders – once again centering effective relationships is the cornerstone of success. Maketa combines experience, equity-centered process, masterful facilitation and, when needed, the right partners to create and nurture a solid relational foundation that will support your strategic goals.
His approach integrates traditional planning methods with visual mapping to allow the group to see where they’ve been, where they want to be, and the pathway to get there.  

Clients repeatedly call on Maketa for:
Comprehensive Strategic Planning
Developing Strategic Frameworks
Strategic Updates/Refresh
Developing A Theory of Change
Strategic Alignment Across Teams
Developing & Updating Values, Mission and Vision Statements
Strategic Visioning
Other Strategic Projects
Client’s Review