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Meet Maketa

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Maketa Wilborn

  • Founder & Principle Consultant

Meet Your Guide

“I value intentional space and authentic connection. I cultivate these in everything that I do, in every interaction, and every space that I enter.  With this foundation we can create anything.” 

Maketa (pronounced “ma-kay-ta”) is an organizational development consultant, master facilitator, leadership coach and artist. For more than 20 years he has been leading individuals and groups toward their objectives and their highest potential. His passion for building intentional and engaged communities shines through his innovative and integrated approaches.

He designs and facilitates high engagement strategic processes for mission-driven organizations, ignites personal development breakthroughs for motivated professionals, and makes outcomes visible for everyone in the room.

Maketa’s approach is grounded in visual mapping, experiential learning, and the belief that creating and sustaining exceptional relationships is the core of successful outcomes. Using his experience as an adult educator, facilitator and artist he employs an inquiry-based approach that effectively draws out the collective knowledge of the group and inspires participation and creative problem-solving.

In all that he does Maketa integrates creative expression to elicit active engagement and deeper insight. He invites participants to take a creative approach and challenges them to take creative risks in order to uncover new possibilities for themselves and their organizations. 

Business and Organizational Leadership Experience

Maketa brings over 20 years of organizational development experience to his role as a facilitator and executive career coach. He compliments his formal training and experience with the creative perspective, business development and management experience of a long-time solopreneur. 

His deep understanding of mission-driven organizations is informed by his own work within national and regional educational and environmental organizations.  Founder; Program Coordinator, Director; and Professor are roles he has held within organizations. These experiences and responsibilities have given him an informed perspective on how organizations work and how individuals grow and develop within them.