Ideas Into Action


Engaging wholeness. Catalyzing potential. Turning ideas into action.

Partnering with motivated career professionals to gain awareness, tools, and practices that will level up their professional and personal effectiveness and sense of fulfillment. Executive Career Coaching focuses on helping clients identify an inspiring vision for their future and achieve specific, measurable results in their career through goal-oriented planning, coaching and consulting. Yes, consulting! Where appropriate Maketa offers insights from his more than 20 years of organizational development experience to inform and inspire client knowledge and action. During this process we will inevitably examine personal obstacles, limiting beliefs, blind spots and triggers.


Strategy Development

Create strategies and action plans for implementing change.

Executive Career Coaching

Guiding motivated individuals in their professional and personal development.

Graphic Facilitation

Integrating visual mapping and graphic language with the artistry of…

The awareness and practice of each of these elements has proven essential for meaningful growth and wholeness. Engaging wholeness in the coaching partnership creates a sustainable foundation to level up to more effective leadership.


Co-Active Institute trained coach and leads from the belief that “vPeople are Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole.”

What my clients said….

“You have helped me advocate for what I need, connect with what I actually want, and take concrete actions towards making that a reality – even when I’m focused on the daily drama of my familial and professional roles.  Working with you is not just a place to air my grievances and self analyze, it has been a place to self actualize through introspection mixed with action and accountabilityYou have helped me think through my professional path and given me courage to open myself to new possibilities.”

Adam Haigler, Co-Founder of Open Way Learning & Launch Marketing