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Leadership informed by over 20 years of organizational development experience.

Maketa leads with equity and brings a depth of expertise to every project and coaching client. When the project calls for it, he calls in expert partners to ensure the rights skills are there to support every need.

Maketa Wilborn

Founder & Principle Consultant
Culture Development
Community & Stakeholder Engagement
Team Development
Thought Partnership & Coaching
Planning and Execution
My Philosophy

Relationships are the foundation.

Centering relationships consistently delivers strong, enduring, positive results

Setting agreements to listen and seek to understand new perspectives. Listening with our eyes, ears, and heart to feel and find out what is most important to folks who are different than us. This is diversity in action.
Creating space for other cultural ways of being, communication styles, values and decision-making processes. Recognizing and acknowledging the inherent dignity and profound uniqueness of every person in the space. This is inclusion in action.
Calling out inequities in the moment and engage courageously in conversations around challenging topics. Every engagement becomes the space to learn and grow together. This is equity in action.
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